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Meg Grealish

This is my stunning second shooter and twin, Meg. Not only do we share the same name and look kinda similar, we practically are the same person.

Meg is our film-photography guru with a film Instagram and blog . Her love of photography started with film and has influenced her studies, as she is in her third year of a media and communication degree and killing it.

Having grown up on the beach in sunny Gisbourne, Meg is a surfer and the human form of sunshine. With creativity and skill to boot she's an absolute steal to have on our team and brings so many laughs to every client she works with.  Just know she's one of those people that leave you lowkey jealous of the kind of person they are - those people that are just annoyingly cool (in the best way possible).

Meg Stuthridge

Hey! That's me team. Thanks for somehow ending up here - that's really cool. These things are hard to write.


My journey to photography started with growing up around all things creativity. After spending a month or so in New York dancing at Joffrey Ballet, I decided that the dance industry just wasn't for me. Suddenly I was on the plane back home wondering what the hell I was supposed to do now. My mum suggested graphic design and fast forward a few years and I'm now in my final year of study. Throughout the degree, I found my passion for film photography which then grew into digital and here I am!

I'm all about working hard, having fun and appreciating how insanely cool my job is. I take big pride in my work being a perfectionist and am fussy as helllll as to what I send to my couples in the end. I'm all about adapting to every situation and every human I work with, realising that no couple is the same.

I'm an avid tramper, skier and all-round adventurer, having been lucky enough to explore a lot of the world and our insanely beautiful country. I'm definitely your girl if you have an adventure planned or are wanting to do things a bit out of the ordinary. 

- meg 

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